Benefits of joining a union:

  • Better wages
  • Excellent training
  • Stronger commitment to safety
  • Strong pension/benefits
  • Collective bargaining
  • Representation
  • Stronger job security

"Unions have been the only powerful and effective voice working people have ever had in the history of this country.”
– Bruce Springsteen

North Dakota’s Building Trades are comprised of several unions within the state, working to provide our customers with the safest, skilled workforce ready to help build a stronger North Dakota. We want to become known as the workforce of choice for both private and public work.


WE all work together to promote the Union Construction Industry 

Letter from the North Dakota Building Trades President:

Advocating for Union members in the construction industry is the purpose of the North Dakota State Building Trades Unions. Involved in fifteen craft disciplines, our member organizations cover all aspects of a commercial, industrial and residential construction project. We do this by promoting Collective Bargaining for wages and benefits, Workforce Development through Joint-Apprenticeships, and safe and productive workplaces by continuing education and awareness. 

Working together is always best, there are examples of this in everyday life. Whether on a construction site, on a football field or in a board meeting, when there is collaboration, there is success. We apply this concept when it comes to establishing rates of pay and benefits. By collaborating collectively, both employer and employees, to bargain salary, raises and benefits contributes to a successful business model that has been around for decades in North Dakota. 

Another way we collaborate with contractors and industry is through the Joint-Apprenticeship model. Through private, jointly-managed, trade centered classroom education with on-the-job training, we build the next generation of craftspeople for the state of North Dakota. The benefits of this model is the ability to respond in real-time with feedback from employers of industry needs. It is through the Joint-Apprenticeship program the Building Trades Unions are meeting the challenge of a 21st century workforce. This education model extends into Journeyman upgrading and continuing education. We strive to set the example of a safe and productive workforce. 

It is through advocation and collaboration the State Building Trades Unions are working to refocus the value of Trade Education, Safety Training, and Collective Bargaining within North Dakota. Check out our affiliates on the following pages for more information. 

Jason Ehlert, President   

North Dakota's Building Trades Unions


Each one of our trades has top-notch training programs, which we view is stronger and more comprehensive than other construction companies offer their employees. The union construction industry is starting to grow again in North Dakota. Thousands of men and women take pride in being a member of a North Dakota Building Trades Union.

The North Dakota Building Trades Union will be overseeing the Teamworks Project Contest at the ND SkillsUSA State Leadership & Skills Conference this year. Teamworks brings teams of students (4) together and each team will build elements of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical.  Representatives from these three Unions will be judging the team's work. The Teamworks contest will be help April 15th at the Community Center in Wahpeton.