"Apprentices graduate with a portable, recognized credential affording them good pay and benefits to support themselves and their families. The continuous training and skills upgrade educational opportunities, meanwhile, serves to address the evolving concerns of businesses and industry for the development of a quality skilled craft workforce that meets their needs. A healthy and viable union construction apprenticeship and training system is also a proven avenue to restore the American middle class and bring dignity and security back to the workplace."- Courtesy of the North American Building Trades Unions

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​​Podcasts - Afternoons Live with Tyler Axness    Wednesday, February 14, 2018 5:18 p.m. by Brad Anderson
Tyler visited with Jason Ehlert from the North Dakota Building Trades Association regarding apprenticeships and how they could utilized more in the workforce regionally and through the country.

Training a skilled workforce

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A four-year college degree in America can average more than $40,000. Unprepared students are saddled with years of debt and may not find a good living-wage job. American youth are starting to turn to the union building trades to train for lifelong careers that earn excellent wages, benefits and pensions.

Here in North Dakota, each one of our building trades unions have extensive training programs. Beginning as an apprentice, each of the trades have its own set training schedule for moving into becoming a journeyman. There are thousands of hours of classes and on-the-job training designed to help the union worker be the most skilled and safest worker on the job. The training is what YOU as a member put into it.

The best part about the apprenticeship and journeyman training programs within the North Dakota Building Trades Unions – it is all free to our members.

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